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Outdoor Facts about Commercial LED Canopy Lights

by Lynn

LED canopy lights are the perfect way to light your outdoor space. These lights are energy efficient, long-lasting and will give you years of enjoyment. Here are some other facts that you should know about these wonderful lights from revolveled.com:

Excellent Energy Efficiency

With an average life span of 50,000 hours and an energy consumption of just 8 watts per fixture, the Commercial LED is one of the most energy efficient lighting products on the market today. It also offers a high initial lumen output and excellent brightness consistency that ensures customers are seen by passing vehicles at night. This means that you’ll be able to reduce energy costs while improving visibility at your business’ entrance or parking lot.

Bright and Consistent Light

The Commercial LED offers a high initial lumen output (ILO) of 3100 lumens per fixture which provides bright and consistent light output even after 50,000 hours of use! With its advanced optical design featuring a unique reflector system that evenly distributes light from each lamp in all directions; this allows for increased visibility from both sides of your business’ entrance or parking lot.

UL Certification

UL certification means that these commercial LED canopy lights meet certain safety standards that make them safe for use in any setting. They have been tested by UL engineers and shown to be free of flammable materials while providing plenty of light where it’s needed most. This ensures that customers can see clearly when walking around the store or restaurant — even those who may be visiting with reduced vision due to age or illness will have no trouble navigating the area after dark thanks to these great products!

Greater Visibility that’s Safe for Customers

One of the most important things about lighting is ensuring that people can see where they are going at night without getting hurt or injured. In order to do this, it’s important that you use high quality outdoor LED bulbs in your lights. These bulbs will provide greater visibility without causing any glare or shadows that could be dangerous to those who use your lighting system.

Multiple Applications

LED canopy lights are great for any type of outdoor setting because they provide plenty of lighting without using up too much energy or costing too much money. They provide enough light to illuminate an entire area or even a specific spot within an outdoor setting. This makes it possible for people to see easily when they are outside at night or even during the day time when there isn’t much sunlight available!

Various Shapes and Styles

LED canopy lights come in a variety of shapes and styles, which allows you to choose the one that will best complement your home’s design. For example, if you like contemporary lighting fixtures, then you can choose a round or square shape made from highly polished metal or glass. If you prefer more traditional designs, then opt for an ornate chandelier with crystals or filigree details on its frame. In addition, there are also many options available in terms of color as well as finish so that they can blend in perfectly with your existing décor.


Incorporating some small type of lighting to make the task lighting’s job a little easier and much more practical, would also save money that another industrial area would have to spend for any other light fixtures. And with the success of the commercial LED canopy lights in many essential areas doing away with certain projects, task created by bulbs could be reduced considerably. Similarly, led canopy lights need little maintenance, with no serviceable parts. So, once installed, all you have to do is enjoy its output.

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