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How to Choose the Right Ashtray

by Lynn

If you love to smoke, then you absolutely can’t do without an ashtray. Although both items aren’t sold together, once you start smoking, it makes absolute sense to get yourself an ashtray.

And thankfully, ashtrays aren’t boring containers used to dispose of excess ash from a cigarette. They come in several shapes, designs, and colors, so they can double as home décor. There are also custom ashtrays that are even more beautiful to look at. In fact, people have found different uses for ashtrays besides ash disposal.

Why You Need an Ashtray

There are many reasons why you need to get an ashtray, especially if you do a lot of smoking. Some of them are:

  • It keeps the living area, office, and public space presentable.
  • Having an ashtray in a certain location will draw smokers who’d like to use the receptacle.
  • Ash is always stressful to clean up, so having an ashtray will save you the stress.
  • Laws have been put in place concerning owning ashtrays.
  • Ash can be a fire hazard if disposed of inappropriately. An ashtray will deal with that.

How to Choose Your Ashtray

Choosing an ashtray isn’t rocket science. You must consider a few things before deciding what ashtray to go for. Here are some of those factors you should consider.


The first thing is to consider where you’d be putting the ashtray and how many people will be using the item simultaneously. If you go for one that’s too big for the environment you’re placing it in, ash might gather in it for a long time, and the resulting odor might ward off guests.

On the other hand, if you choose a tray that’s too small, you’d have to dedicate more time to getting rid of the ash in it. So, get a size that’s perfect for you.


Even though it’s for collecting, an ashtray should also complement your environment. This is why you need to consider the aesthetics of your area before purchasing one. For instance, cool and glossy ashtrays will go well in an office environment. If you’re buying it for a restaurant, then you should find something that blends well with the environment

Visibility and Usability

Pay attention to where you’d put the ashtray. If you’d be using an outdoor ashtray, ensure you target somewhere visible that will be convenient for people. You should also consider things like traffic flow and fire regulations. For example, some laws might require you to place your ashtray at a certain distance away from windows and doorways.

Also, when selecting the best place to put the ashtray, pay attention to weather patterns in your area. If it rains a lot in your area and you still want to get an outdoor ashtray, purchase one with a restricted opening to protect it from adverse weather.


An ashtray is a great way to keep enjoying your smoking experience. Using it will keep the environment presentable and safe, and you can count yourself as a law-abiding citizen by disposing of ash correctly. And these items are beautiful in their own right, so you can’t go wrong with getting one of them.

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