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Bio Massing Helps You Create Fuel While Taking Care of The Environment

by Lynn

Have you always been a fan of helping the environment by reducing energy usage? Using wood biomass as an alternative fuel for heating or taking advantage of its carbon-neutral properties to create better fuel can be an integral part of your home heating system. Biomass offsets the damage done by burning fossil fuels.

Biomass is a renewable energy source where it can be extracted from the waste and created using a pellet making machine. In modern times, the rising cost of energy makes the use of biomass fuel appealing to sources such as paper production and also animal manure. Biomass also helps in creating biofuel through anaerobic digestion and biogas

Biomass is the world’s most versatile and sustainable natural resource. It can be converted into biofuel through a process called gasification, or to create electricity or heat without emitting harmful greenhouse gases into the air.

Environmental Benefits of Using Biomass as a Source of Fuel

The use of biomass energy has many environmental benefits:

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions. By burning biomass 50 percent of carbon dioxide is emitted by burning biomass which is lower than coal and around 70% lower than oil or natural gas. This results in lower CO2 emissions per unit of energy produced.

Carbon sequestration – biomass energy uses carbon that was released into the atmosphere during the growth cycle of crops or trees, so it can be considered carbon neutral when used for power generation.

Reduced pollution from coal mining – as much as 80% less CO2 is released into the atmosphere when coal is replaced by biomass for power generation than if coal were used instead. Lower emissions of other pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter.

When grown on marginal land, biomass provides an important way to provide food security through sustainable agriculture practices without increasing pressure on other agricultural land uses such as feedstock production for biofuels or food crops for human consumption. By using marginal land for growing biomass instead

Other Benefits of Biomass Include:

Burning wood also reduces our dependence on foreign oil by using domestically produced fuel instead of importing it from another country. By using this renewable resource, you are protecting your forests from being cut down so that they can be used for firewood or paper pulp production or harvested for lumber products such as furniture or cabinets.

The use of biomass is beneficial to the environment as well as to humanity. We need to keep on increasing our renewable energy resources, which also need to have a low impact on the environment.

Biomass meets this need by providing energy while protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. Burning biomass is practically carbon-neutral and produces no net carbon dioxide, hence it can provide us with all future energy needs without adding pollutants to our atmosphere or changing its composition.


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